Julianne      Cary

Julianne Cary is a nationally award winning, New York based, singer-songwriter.

Due to her powerful yet sweet sound, her vocal styling is often compared to that of Amy Winehouse, Eva Cassidy and Sara Bareilles. Julianne started writing songs at the age of 8.


She draws inspiration for her lyrics from real life experiences such as heartbreak and love. Being a mental health advocate, and a student of psychology, she also writes in support of mental health awareness - often from the perspective of patients with mental illnesses (i.e. anxiety disorders, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, etc.).  She is inspired by Joni Mitchell, John Lennon, David Bowie and Alex Turner (Arctic Monkeys).

Julianne recently released her album, Vagabond, in January of 2020. Vagabond can be found on Soundcloud, Spotify, iTunes, etc.

Julianne is the winner of the Josie Music Award of "Best Female Pop Artist of the Year" for 2018. The Josie Music awards is the largest independent musician award show. She was chosen out of 13,000+ submissions and is very proud to hold this title!

Photo by Sydney Credle

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DOWNLOAD "Vagabond"!

Julianne's album, Vagabond , is now available on (most) music streaming platforms!

Live performance of "Sweet but Psycho"/"Down" mash-up

Cover of "New York State of Mind" 

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Julianne Cary 

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